Monthly Bookkeeping Packages to Suit Your Business Needs — And Your Budget!

If you're ready to have an experienced bookkeeper supporting you and your business, my monthly bookkeeping packages might be just what you need. You can choose from three different options depending on how much you'd like to do in-house, and how much you'd like me to do.

However, not just anyone can take advantage of these monthly packages. It's best if we work together first so you can understand what I do, and so I understand what you need. Then, if it's a good fit, we can discuss which package makes the most sense for you.

STEP 1: Become one of my clients

Become one of my clients at my regular hourly rate for the first three months. This lets us work together to fine-tune the document and information handling process, work out any kinks and create a smooth running bookkeeping system. That way I can ensure your bookkeeping needs can be met effectively. And that a monthly package makes sense for you.

STEP 2: Choose the bookkeeping package that works for you.


Package #1: "Extra Set of Eyes" Quarterly Bookkeeping Package

This is a "bare bones" service, quick, easy, no fuss no muss. It's ideal for business owners and attorneys whose bookkeeping needs are very simple.

If you just want another set of eyes on the numbers making sure any mistakes made during the month are caught and fixed, this is for you…

Package #2: "Just a Little Help" Monthly Basic Bookkeeping Services

Again, quick and easy. If you already input most transactions, print checks yourself from QuickBooks and record and categorize the deposits, bring me on board to finish reconciling your accounts.

  • I record debit card and auto-pay transactions
  • Reconcile up to two bank accounts
  • Limited credit card activity
Package #3: "Do it For Me" Monthly Detailed Bookkeeping Services

Tired to taking care of the books on a regular basis? Let me take care of them for you!

  • I send out invoices to your client base as well as all the subsequent reports
  • I reconcile up to two bank account statements including entering and properly categorizing all checks, deposits, auto on-line bill pay, debit card transactions
  • Plus I reconcile one detailed credit card statement.

Still not sure if my bookkeeping services are right for your small business or law firm?

Don't just take my word for what I can do for your business. See what my past and current clients have to say…

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