OLTA "Pre-Audit Audit"

What is an IOLTA "Pre-Audit Audit" and Why Should You Have One Done?

Random Trust Account Exams are coming.

If there's any question whether your firm's books are in compliance, a Pre-Audit Audit gives you the answer!

A Pre-Audit Audit is a detailed review of your books to establish the scope of your firm's compliance to all aspects of the IOLTA Rules, and to highlight any special areas of concern. It's also an opportunity to gather background information and request any needed documents, records and information.

Through the Pre-Audit Audit process we also determine whether a 3-way reconciliation is currently in place (meaning do the client ledger cards balance to the general ledger (checkbook register), and do these two items then balance back to the monthly trust account bank statement?). A 3-way reconciliation is a State Bar of Arizona requirement for IOLTA Rules compliance.

Investment: Just $250*
Includes one follow-up appointment** within 90 days to verify any recommendations have been implemented properly.

Call 602-881-3080 today or contact us to schedule your "Pre-Audit Audit" and make sure your books are in compliance
with IOLTA Trust Account Rules

* Initial review and consultation time limited to 2 hours
** Follow up appointment not to exceed 1-hour